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Issue: #54 April 17, 2014
Soccerfest - May 3rd

#SoccerFEST14 IS COMING!!!

In celebration the 50th Anniversary AYSO is setting a world record with the biggest pick-up game on Earth!!!  AYSO communities all across the country from Hawaii to New York will be hosting a local soccerfest event on May 3rd!  Our region will be joining in on the fun!!!


We will have inflatables, gifts, contests and door prizes.   Pizza, Popcorn, Icees, Soccer Post and other vendors will be onsite.


Texas Roadhouse's Andy the Armadillo will be here to play soccer with us and is bringing some cool stuff of his own.


U5's & U6's:  meet as regularly scheduled

U8's - 9:00 to 11:00:  meet at field 7

U10's - 11:00-1:00:  meet at field 1

U12/U14 - 1:00 to 3:00:  meet at field 2


More details surrounding SoccerFEST14 will be coming as items are finalized.  Stay tuned!!!!!


When Is My Child's Game?

Schedules are availabe at http://www.ayso275.org/schedules/.
Concession Stand 

The Concession Stand Runs with Everyone's Help!

The following teams are responsible for providing 2 volunteers to help in the Concession Stand on April 12th...this way we can keep it open for all to enjoy!

9:30-10:30 Hestand  
10:30-11:30 Hirtz  
11:30-12:30 Barnes  
12:30-1:30 Smith  
1:00-2:00 Brewer U12  
1:30-2:30 Phillips  
U5 Program

When Are Our Games?
Session #7 is April 19th 
Session #8 is May 3rd

Session #8 is the final session (assuming no complications from field closures).
Spotlight on Volunteer Talent

Want to Help?
Our Region 275 runs only through the help of many individuals - coaches, referees, team parents - and the Board.  Some of the Board Positions are: Commissioner, Coaching Administrator, Referee Administrator, Treasurer, Secretary, Fields, Safety Director.  
The Board meets once a month and is always looking for people from our Region to get involved.  In the next year, several positions may open up - so please consider how you might help.  Or maybe you have an outstanding parent on your team...  Please let us know so we can talk to any potential volunteers.   Please send an e-mail to learn more!
Second Parking Lot

Stay on the Gravel
We will be opening the second parking lot on some Saturdays.  If you utilize this lot, please stay on the gravel and do not drive or park on the grass.  Thank you for helping to keep our park safe and in good shape.
How Are We Doing?

Feedback Wanted
The Region 275 staff would like to know how we are doing.  What do you like and what can we do to improve?  Please send an e-mail to provide feedback.  Thanks in advance!
Do You Have an Exceptional Coach or Volunteer?

We Want To Know!
Is your child's coach doing a great job?  Or maybe a team manager always keeps you informed...  We would love to hear about the individual and what makes them special.  We want to recognize exceptional service. Please send an e-mail to provide feedback.  Thanks in advance!
No Dogs Allowed at the Fields

Please Don't Bring Fido to the Fields
Please Remember...
Safety Notes

Please Remember...


Please stay away from the construction that is happening on Field 8.


Please supervise your children so that they are not in the goal areas (except during the games).  Children should not be climbing on the goals, hanging on nets, or destroying the sand bags that hold the goals in place.  This is for the safety of the children!


Remember to stay hydrated with water during games and practices. Watch carefully for players and spectators in our parking lot. This is  definitely the place to slow down and be aware of everything around you as a driver. Thanks for keeping our players safe on and off the field! 

Wild Wing Cafe
See you soon!
Region 275 Staf

AYSO 275 Field Status

Ball Camp Fields

Fields Open

Weekday field status

 Posted by 4:00 pm

Text BALLCAMP to 84483 to receive ALL messages from AYSO Region 275.

Hotline Number:


(865) 694-8368



Weather STATUS of other REGIONS

Check directions to their fields if you have an away game.


Referees please find your gear here and check with Referee Admin about what you should do. Referees please find your gear here.
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