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AYSO Region 275

AYSO Region 275 Programs



Players are placed into programs based on their age as of August 1st.


Under 5 - (U5) Meet once per week on Saturdays, 30 minutes of training with a master coach, followed by a small sided game overseen by the parents


Under 6 - (U6) Teams meet each Saturday with their assigned, certified and trained coaches with about five players per team. Team train for 30 minutes prior to a 30 minute short sided 3 vs 3 game. Under six program also offers a voluntary in season training one night per week supervised by the Regional Youth Commissioner.


Under 8 - (U8) Players train once per week with a certified and trained coach with about 7 players on a team. Teams play 5 vs 5 games on Saturday mornings.


Under 10 - (U10) Players train twice per week with a certified, trained coach with 7 vs 7 games on Saturdays. Typically 9-10 players per team. These teams travel to other regions in the Knoxville area to play other Area 5B teams.


Under 12 - (U12) Teams have 11-12 players per team, train twice per week and play games on Saturdays. These teams travel as well to other AYSO regions in the greater Knoxville area.


Under 14+ - (U14+) Teams play 11 vs 11 and may have up to 18 players per team. These teams train up to two times per week with games on Saturday. Travel with these teams may include playing teams in Athens, Oneida and Lenoir City.


AYSO EXTRA - is the region's All Star program.

Hotline Number: 

(865) 694-8368


Check directions to their fields if you have an away game.


http://www.youtube.com/user/AYSONational/videos?view=0 AYSO Training Videos
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