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To save you the trouble of creating an excuse of your own, here is a list of the most common excuses about why people don't become a referee.


I Don't Know Anything/Enough About the Game

Most of us knew little about soccer (or less than you) when we became referees. Not to worry, for the investment of a day (eight hours) we will train you with more knowledge of the Laws of the Game than most Americans possess.


I Don't Have Time

Refereeing is the perfect position for AYSO parents with busy schedules. Referees may choose the games they do, which can be scheduled at your convenience; possibly just before or after the game your child is playing. You may do as many or as few games as you choose.


I'm Not the Right Kind of Person

Yes you are. You obviously care about children. This is a youth development program ran by volunteers. Who would be better than a concerned person like you?


I'd Look Silly in That Uniform

Good heavens, you obviously haven't seen the transition to the modern-day referee uniform. Before 1950, referees wore dark blazers and sometimes business suits. From 1950 to 1994, referees wore long-sleeved, black sweater- and white dress shirt-like jerseys. The uniform has come a long way from looking silly!


I'd Be Embarrassed

Everyone makes mistakes, even those of us who have been officiating for years. The important thing is to approach the job with enthusiasm and enjoyment, because that will be passed on to the players and coaches. We can team you with an experience referee to help you through the learning process.


I'm a Woman--I Never See Them Referee

Wrong! We have many qualified women referees--and they are great! We could use many more. What other time in your life will you ever, with just one breath (or whistle), be able to make 22 kids stop what they are doing, actually listen to you, and then do what they are told? And almost half of our players are girls and they love having women referees. They are comfortable with them and look up to them as role models. If you are a mom, you already are used to making quick decisions and multi-tasking. Don't worry, we will teach you, support you, start you off refereeing younger children. We will be there to mentor you until you feel comfortable and confident.


I can't afford the equipment

Don't worry about expense, because the Region will provide you with the necessary equipment to get you started.


I don't think I could keep up with the players. Some of them are pretty fast!

Don't worry, we give the older age division games, with the faster players, to our fitter and more experienced referees. We still have plenty of younger division games on smaller fields where you would be able to keep up. You know, refereeing is also a good way to get a little exercise and to have fun at the same time.


Now that we've addressed all your concerns we can't wait to see you at referee training. We need you badly.

And in return, we promise you:

  • Enjoyment
  • Exercise
  • A sense of belonging
  • A free uniform
  • A small fan club of kids who think you're great and are thrilled to see you
  • A great time - Like many before you, it may turn out to be the most fun you have had in a long time


ONE FINAL NOTE: if you still don't think you are the right kind of person for this job, you took the time to read this whole page, and that means you care. You are exactly the right kind of person.



Hotline Number: 

(865) 694-8368


Check directions to their fields if you have an away game.


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